LPI’s Exams: 101 and 102

After three years “escaping” my willing to do the LPI exams, I decided to subscribe in the exam’s week and do it. The results: yesterday, after sleeping 2 hours-only, I went to do both the 101 and 102 exams at morning. The exams were not so hard to me (and in my opinion), but there was some questions that really were hard to answer! Some things that I didn’t use in my 13-year Linux experience. But that’s the life, getting 100% right at these exams was not my objective.

Strangely, the 102 exam was easier than 101, I don’t know why but it was.

If I pass on these (I think the results will be posted 15 days from now), I’m willing to do the 201 and 202 exams in September. Wish me luck 🙂

And really, I have to remember to check and update my RHCE certification…

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