MegaDriver: MetalHog

I received an e-mail from my friend Danilo Passos (aka |N|NjA|) telling me about the brand new album from the MegaDriver band. For those who don’t know, MegaDriver was created by only one person who began creating metal versions for 16-bit game musics, and at the beginning he did it all by himself. It made much success only distributing his music versions on the Internet. Today the band has three more members and they actually play live at Anime and Game events.

My first contact with the band was when I heard the music Rise From Your Grave, a Metal version of the game Altered Beast’s first stage.


When I saw the news, I took exactly three seconds to enter the site and download the new album from them: MetalHog. The whole MetalHog album has Metal versions of Sonic Music: Sonic 1, 2, 3, Sonic & Knuckles, and so on. The album is available to download for free in the MP3 format.

In my opinion, the new album is great. Now that the band has more members, I believe that it made it better to work on the musics, not considering the previous experience. They made very good versions of the main musics from the series. Particularly, I liked the last music, MetalHog, which is when Sonic fights Robotinik! Exciting! It’s also cool to note some chorus simulations made with the keyboards in the middle of the music. Overral: the album is great.


01 – Intro (Sonic 1)
02 – Greenhill (Sonic 1)
03 – Emerald Hill (Sonic 2)
04 – Chemical Plant (Sonic 2)
05 – Marble Zone (Sonic 1)
06 – Flying Battery Metal (Sonic And Knuckles)
07 – Casino Night (Sonic 2)
08 – Startlight (Sonic 1)
09 – Scrap Brain (Sonic 1 SMS)
10 – Scrap Brain (Sonic 1)
11 – Metalpolis (Sonic 2)
12 – Ice Cap (Sonic 3)
13 – Live And Learn (Sonic Adventure)
14 – MetalHog (Sonic 1 And 2)

Download link for each track:

Download link for the whole album, compacted as ZIP:

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